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Glass Painting

Glass Painting is not merely painting on glass. Rather it is the use of transparent enamel colors to produce decorative effects in glass. Both the medium (glass) and the painting combine to give an ethereal effect.

Glass Paintings of Cristal Art

The glass paintings of Cristal Art can be used as decorative items. Most of these paintings are framed without any background cover in order to sustain the effect of glass. These paintings are suggested to be used with lighter backgrounds since the back color will be reflected. Nor do these paintings have any form of cover on top to avoid dullness of the art.

Glass Painting in India

Glass painting in India is a comparatively recent phenomenon; it emerged in the state of Gujarat at around 18th century. The Chinese merchants settled around the coastal regions of the state influenced this style of painting. Soon this style was internalized by the artists and was experimented with.

Indian Glass paintings are characterized by their bright colors and ornamental nature. Sometimes they are embellished with gold leaves and semi precious stones. The themes are more or less similar to the miniature Paintings i.e. Radha-Krishna leelas, women dressed in traditional clothes and mythological figures.

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